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In sound we are born, in sound we are Healed. 


Your innate and your higher self understand the language of sound, vibration & frequency.

The emanating sounds transport you back to your divine nature

Harmonising mind body spirit..



One of my favourite moments?

My connection with you

Group work holds a special place in my heart. It brings what I can only describe as pure joy. 

Every experience, every gathering is unique & sacred. I am always humbled and grateful in the trust individuals bring before me.

Each beautiful soul bringing their own vulnerability their own pure intention for healing. Trusting, Willing and open. 


THE POWER OF ONE Within a group collective..

As one soul heals, a ripple effect ensues to the next soul & the next, gradually forming a circle of light. Holding one another in light, in love, in gratitude, in healing, raising their own consciousness and thus the collective.. 

all in one moment. 

As one. 


I work with my divine celestial guides as always. Within these gatherings. 

They are profoundly powerful and healing events. 

You are in safe celestial hands all-ways. That I promise. 


For further enquiries for group guided meditations, collaborations, retreats, workshops. 

Please get in touch via my contact page

With gratitude grace & love dear ones 


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