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Sound Healing, as the name implies, is the use of sound to create balance and alignment in the physical body, the energy centers called “chakras”, and/or the etheric fields. The sound may be applied by an instrument or by the human voice.

 Sound Healing is a vibrational therapy or in fact energy medicine. 


The basic principle of Sound Healing is that of resonance; 

every object is in a state of vibration and therefore creates sound. 

The body is a symphony of sound. Every chakra, organ, tissue and cell has a unique frequency. It’s harmonious. But if some part of your system becomes unbalanced with the other organs it affects the entire system and disharmony  occurs and dis-ease takes place. 

When you offer a harmonic opportunity to the cell it can choose that frequency and become established to its normal resonance and become recharged to its normal state

Within my one on one sessions I use twelve pairs of tuning forks which range in frequency from 32 to 5000 hertz, roughly spanning the range of a piano. The forks are applied in pairs at each ear. The waveform of two frequencies produces a movement of expansion and contraction, one of the basic movements in the body, which begins with the first breathe at birth. This movement is known in cranial sacral therapy as the cranial rhythmic impulse. Where there is tension in the body from stress the body stops moving in this undulating wave. These Tuning forks help the body remember this basic oscillating movement which produces a deep meditative state.


“There is no organ system in the body that’s not affected by sound, music and vibration.”

Mitchell Gaynor M.D.

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