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“Gratitude is a divine attitude in the wisdom traditions. It takes you out from the ego self and takes you into the higher self. That higher state of consciousness initiates self repair, self regulation and healing…”

Client Testimonial: 


“I went to Ibiza for a yoga retreat in November, knowing I needed time out to grieve the loss of my close friend, but Gem helped me more profoundly and completely than I could have imagined possible. The night tremors and chronic back pain I’ve had all year? All gone.  It sounds like a miracle ...and yet Gem works with such compassion, spirituality and commitment to healing, I can say from experience, it’s real. I am more whole, more hopeful, after just two sessions.  She’s got such range, I’d recommend her for fixing any troubled minds, bodies or spirits. ..”




My SOUL EMPOWERMENT SESSIONS are designed and created to shift/release energetically what no longer serves you. 

What would you like to let go of in your life? What are you carrying? This could be anything from repeating a cycle of events, attracting a certain type of person into your life, physical pain, traumas, abuse, anxiety, fears, feeling of unworthiness, self doubt, lack of confidence.. endless list but ultimately they all have one thing in common. 

They are vibration. Low vibration. Emotion is simply energy in motion. 

If left unrecognised or untreated it can create blocks within your energetic system causing dis-ease, dis-harmony.

Symptoms occur, however wherever manifested. 

Symptoms in my opinion are gifts. 

Gifts from Your innate (your smart body residing within the corporal) informing you, that something needs to be released. 

Are you listening?

You get to choose. 


My sessions are always guided and channelled 

In parts. Working with your higher self and incorporating various techniques. (Some of which you can take away and utilise within your own practice.) And vary dependent upon your intention. We might be Working with your inner child, 

Working with your innate, dna/akashic, activating, aligning..etc..These sessions in person vary slightly to online in that any sound implemented will differ.


Might I add the results whether online or in person are both equally healing. And equally powerful shifts will take place either way. 

Duration of session: 2hrs. 

How to book: 

Leave a message via my contact page.

Where possible, A prior consultation will help me determine what type of session will serve you best in moving forwards with more light, peace, awareness and grace. 

I also find this initial connection begins the process of healing prior to the session, governed by divine intelligence I believe …




(if you’re interested in Sound and for further info on the benefits of my sound sessions please click on celestial light & sound sessions

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